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Dance Your Way To Romance

The usual Valentine’s Day gifts have been done again and again — besides, you’re sick of chocolate, allergic to flowers, and you can’t cook.

All that doesn’t matter, though, because you’ve already got this Valentine’s covered with the most unique gift out there. It’s a gift you two can enjoy for the rest of your lives — dance lessons!

How Dance Connects You

Dance is the best way to spend time together and not just time spent in the same room, watching TV or eating. Learning to dance together gives you a chance to communicate with another person not verbally, but physically and mentally. Whether they’ve just met or have been married for 40 years, dance allows people to play with each other.

Dance Is An Essential Human Need

The importance of play in a child’s development is well-documented. But what about us adults? Research has shown that play, be it throwing a football around, doing a crossword puzzle, or dancing, can reduce stress, speed up learning, and enhance bonding and communication.

The social nature of dance allows even the most serious adults to playfully engage with each other. Being playful gives you the skills to turn a stressful situation into an entertaining one, and gives you the coping skills to work through any rough patch life may throw your way.

Where To Take Your Honey On Valentine’s

If you live in the Central Jersey area, you can buy your loved one two thirty minute lessons for $39 this Valentine’s Day. Remind each other why you fell in love in the first place, reintroduce playfulness into your lives, or just enjoy a fun and unusual date night.

Dance adds enjoyment to any aspect of life. It’s travel-sized, makes you feel good, and life-long. Whether you’ve already planned a killer Valentine’s Day or just want to have a fun, relaxing night out, call Arthur Murray Dance Central New Jersey and experience an evening you two will never forget.