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Arthur Murray Central New Jersey Reviews

Oh my God, it was so great to be back in the studio. We were so impressed with how beautifully organized everyone has made the studio with the curtains, the arrows, our own private table sanitizer etc. We felt very safe, very comfortable having our lesson in the studio. It was a challenge to wear our mask the entire lesson, but we’re going to push through get comfortable and do what we have to do to be the great dancers that we want to be. The second best thing besides seeing Leo and Christina and Jeff was seeing you Miss Daniela. You have really steered the ship of this studio with your Zoom meetings, music, you name it, you did a fabulous job. We were so impressed, and we just love you to death

Nancy D

I felt totally safe and comfortable! It was so good to be back there! You’re doing everything we do in my dental office as far as safety protocols. It is a new experience in our workplaces, but the rewards will far outweigh the little inconveniences we have now! Looking forward to my lesson on Tuesday! Love and hugs!

Michell C

My experience at the Highland Park studio on Tuesday, re-opening day, was very pleasant. There was a protocol in place and everything was very clean and sanitary! All the precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe! When I walked in the studio for the first time in four months, it felt so good to see and be greeted by the staff! I felt like the first day back to school! I was excited to continue my dance journey in person again! My lesson with Ben was awesome! We went over some of the techniques and steps we have been working on virtually. It felt amazing to finally get to take an in person lesson again! I felt very safe and comfortable in the studio! The staff are maintaining the highest standards to keep everyone safe and well! I am thrilled to be able to keep dancing. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain! Thanks Arthur Murray staff for keeping a smile on my face! Love you guys!

Helene B

It was really wonderful being back in the studio. It was like never being away. I was really impressed with all the precautions that the studio has taken to make its students feel safe. I told Bob I would tell as many people as I could that it’s safe to go back, but they are the ones who have to feel comfortable… Thank you so much. I really do appreciate everything that you do.

Mark C

It was so nice to see all of you in person finally. My lesson was amazing as always. I absolutely appreciate and respect all the steps the studio is taking to keep students and staff safe. I have one word to describe my first day back in the studio – EXHILARATING.
Big hug to you Daniela. Take care and be safe!

Rupal D

I absolutely love this place! From the moment I walked through the doors (with zero dance experience), I was greeted with extreme kindness, understanding and professionalism by the entire staff. They immediately made me feel so welcomed as part of their “family”.

I was assigned my own personal instructor (Yuliia) who is one of the most sincere, honest and passionate individuals I have ever met. Its quite obvious she truly loves her profession and gives 100% all the time. Simply put, she’s amazing and a fantastic dancer!

While I still consider myself a novice (its been almost 4 months since I started), Yuliia has consistently and patiently guided me through the “steps” (haha – no pun intended) necessary to become proficient on the dance floor. Her lessons are so much fun! I look forward to improving my skills with each and every class.

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the rest of the wonderful staff in this review. Michelle, Jeff, Daniella, Jin, and Oscar are just as great! They all take a personal concern in my development. I have also met and made new friends with fellow students as well.

All of this contributes to the total “experience” of having fun, making new friends and learning a skill that I thought was totally beyond my abilities. The Arthur Murray chain should be so proud of this facility.

If you have ever had the desire or were just curious to see if you could dance, I strongly recommend you visit the Manalapan studio. I am so glad I did!

I doubt you will be disappointed.

In summary, the place Rocks!!!

Dave K. of Old Bridge

The staff here is incredible!! From the moment I called on the phone to find out about lessons, Daniela the front desk manager made me feel like family. Everyone there is very friendly, encouraging, patient and fun – and never too pushy. They teach with the right balance of fun, direction, and guidance. Jin is terrific – she actually got my husband to enjoy dancing, and he has refused to dance (except slow teetering side to side) for over 30 years, and now after 3 months, we are the first to hit the dance floor at parties and bars. Yulia is great and a gem to work with as well. If you ever thought about taking a lesson – this place will make you so glad you did.

Melissa M. of Jackson

I can’t say enough about AM of Manalapan. I joined just a little over a month ago and I am having the best time! The instructors are terrific- they break each dance into easy to learn steps, and in just a short period of time I have learned and improved so much. (I had no ballroom dance experience to start- so don’t worry, you can do it!) The availability of group classes makes it very easy to practice what you learned in your private class- and the Friday night parties are so much fun! It is like a mini- nightclub atmosphere- and the senior dancers and staff make you feel welcome. You don’t sit for a minute ! – you are up on your feet dancing with any one of the supportive instructors in a “real” setting. Oscar, Jin and Julia are truly talented dancers and teachers. I highly recommend this school if you want to get out on the dance floor and have some fun!

Kelly R. Of Matawan

We decided to take dance lessons for our first dance Frankie Valli “Can’t Take my Eyes off of You”. I remember at a bridal show being introduced to staff from Arthur Murray Dance Centers Central New Jersey – Manalapan.

Last September our journey into ballroom began. Besides our lessons we went to group classes and parties.

We learned more than our dance. It was one and still is the best experience I have done. My husband and I enjoyed every moment spent at the school. The owners Michelle and Emilio are amazing! Romario and Bob are incredible instructors. Emily and Daniela are the friendliest people in the world. We have met so many great people! This was and is our dance family! I suggest it a must to take lessons from them and give yourself time!

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