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Take it from an Arthur Murray Professional; it’s not just those born graceful who can become “dancers.” Anybody can learn how to dance, and anybody can learn to look and feel more graceful, confident, and powerful.

Jindalae, an Arthur Murray Instructor, can attest; “Before I started dancing I didn’t feel as though I had any grace or any poise whatsoever. But as I learned more I had to do things like stretch to connect better with my partner or keep my balance. I started standing a little bit taller everyday and that carried on through my daily life.”

Your teachers can tell you best, good posture doesn’t just happen overnight, but awareness is the first step. It takes good habits and exercises to develop the posture that gets you noticed. It’s hard work, but hard work doesn’t always have to be joyless.

Learning to dance allows you to practice balance, gain strength, and look more confident all while having fun and meeting new people.

Let dance help you when giving a speech, walking into a business meeting, or simply being the picture of confidence when walking down the sidewalk. Become the graceful and powerful person you’ve always wanted to be.