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What happens when you see that group of people dancing, laughing, and having a blast but you’re afraid to jump in? There are more people like you than you think. But why live with that fear? Face it, challenge yourself. Dance because you want to, when you want to!

I know you’ve been there. You’ve gotten that phone call from your friends on a Friday or Saturday night and they’re going out for a weekend and all you can think is… “I don’t know how to dance.” Easy fix — call a studio.

Surprising fact; most people are aren’t born dancers — most Arthur Murray students never took a dance lesson before they walked in the door. So why do people feel the urge to start learning? Dancing and moving in rhythm with others is intrinsic to the human psyche. Our brains have an innate desire to synchronize and harmonize with each other.

This kind of natural desire is known as “entrainment.” Entrainment occurs when resonant fields synchronize together to a perceived rhythm, for example lunar and solar cycles or rhythms found in the nervous system such as brain waves, circadian rhythms, breathing, and circulation. It is also a way the body experiences the sensation of feeling understood, seen, and not alone.

Students come in with the same story; they are tired of feeling frozen when they get up to dance and feeling isolated because of it. But here’s the good news — being relaxed and letting loose can be learned. By exposing yourself to dance in a safe environment with a supportive community behind you, anyone can feel comfortable in their own skin on the dance floor.

Arthur Murray can help you know the survival skills to get on the dance floor so when your friends call, you can get out on the floor with them.

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey