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ARTHUR MURRAY GREEN BROOK represents THE CENTER of our dance family: THE PLACE where Central Jersey learns to dance and connects to community! Today, we’re home to top-voted social dancers as well as International Dance Champion competitors, but we all started as students too. We want everyone to experience the fun, passion, and excitement of learning to dance!

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A celebration in our Green Brook Studio

Celebrating more than two decades in Somerset County and more than 40 years of teaching around the world, we invite neighbors, new friends, and dancers from all walks of life to celebrate with us. Arthur Murray Green Brook also hosts many of our In-Studio Special Dance Events, providing a safe, social place to practice new-found skills, highlight student progress, share professional exhibitions, and party with our dance family!

At Arthur Murray Green Brook, you’ll find new and seasoned students who connect with each other as much as to their dancing. As they tell us, their shared dance experiences are unlike anything else they’ve come across in other hobbies, sports, or activities. Dancers develop this sense of togetherness through participating in small group classes, practice parties, and dance vacations, not only their private lessons, coachings, workshops, or master classes.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers Central New Jersey believes that having a personalized dance program that fits just you is the best way to become a high-quality, confident, versatile dancer. Teaching with respect and through encouragement are century-old teaching values begun by Arthur Murray International that we continue to share with all who Walk In, Dance Out with us!

You deserve the good life NOW – you’ve waited long enough! Couples and singles are invited to experience our approach of creating dance lessons tailor-made for you and taught at a relaxed pace. Through dancing with Arthur Murray Green Brook, you’ll look like a dancer and feel like a star! Discover physical skills the fast, fun, easy Arthur Murray way AND gain greater mental agility, a stronger sense of self-confidence, and a broader social life.

Try the Arthur Murray Experience and come live your best life through dance!

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