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Dancing for an hour burns about 400 calories. Not to mention, it gives you a rush of feel-good endorphins and lifts mood, improves heart health, and is a life-long low-impact skill.

You see it all the time at Arthur Murray, students walking out of their lessons, sweaty but smiling and on a high. It makes a lot of the instructors happy to see their students’ bodies changing, not just dance-wise, but dropping weight, seeing them less awkward when they look in the mirror, and feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

Dancing is therapeutic. It can be the confidence boost you need to kick your life into high gear and live the way you’ve always wanted to. Whether that starts by having fun while transforming your body or being able to find a new hobby that keeps you active, you can blossom into a version of yourself you never dreamed of becoming — carefree, smiling, and connected with those around you.

If you made a promise to yourself this year to transform your body or to come out of your shell, try a dance lesson. Put some fun into your life!

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey