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What Studio Events Can Do For You

A Dancing Extravaganza

I’m sure you’ve heard it around the studio, murmurs of night of dinner and dancing, the buzz from teachers and students; it’s Arthur Awards season at Arthur Murray Central New Jersey!

Events in the studio may seems mysterious or intimidating, especially when you’ve just started your dance journey. Any event that a studio can put on for its students is designed to be fun and a rewarding experience. Just remember: a good teach will never push you to do something you’re not ready for.

What Arthur Murray Is All About

But what is Arthur Awards? What happens at a dance event? What is Arthur Murray? If you’re new to the world of ballroom in general, here are the basics.

  1. Ballroom dancing = partner dancing. Any dance you do with a partner, Salsa, Waltz, Carolina shag, is all ballroom dancing!
  2. Arthur Murray teaches ballroom social dancing. Social dancing just means being able to dance anytime, anywhere, with any partner, to any music! The focus is on fun and usability, rather than dancing with the stars status (unless you want to go there, we do that too!)
  3. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many places to go dancing anymore, so we’ve created our own. We have classes, parties, nights of dinner and dancing, and competitions. No matter what level you bring your dancing to, there’s an event for you to gain confidence on the dance floor or show off your moves.
  4. Any floor time is good time! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is part of learning, especially with dancing. That’s what so magical about dance. It’s the freedom, the joy, and the fearlessness that we are drawn to when we watch a good dancer. It’s getting there ourselves that’s the trouble. The more you push past your comfort zone, the better the dancer and more confident person you will become!

What is Arthur Awards?

So, that brings us to Arthur Awards. It’s an event that we at Arthur Murray Central New Jersey have dreamed up to give students AND teachers to dance all night and day.

Arthur Awards is not only a showcase night for students, but a two day dance immersion that help students at all levels further their dancing.

Dinner, Dancing, and a Show

Here’s the rundown: Throughout the year, students collaborate with their teacher to put together a routine. These routines, called showcases, are done for a number of reasons — to feel better dancing a specific style, to show off a specific style, to pay homage to someone who inspires you, or just for fun. A few times a year, students perform these routines at a Showcase Night, where the dance community gathers to enjoy the show and support their friends.

Not only do students perform showcases, but their teachers perform as well, treating the community to dinner and a professional show.

Expert Coaches

The next day everyone arrives bright and early to kickoff an entire day of dancing. Expert coaches are invited to watch the dancers and give constructive feedback to each individual. At the end of the two days, students are exponentially more confident in their dancing and connected to their community.

For many, dance lessons are just for fun. Lots of students want to be good social dancers, and for those students we use events and days of dancing to strengthen the good habits they’ve developed and to gain confidence. Others use studio events to prepare themselves for a competition or to show off a routine they’ve been working on. People use events for different reasons, but the end goal is always the same — to be able to enjoy the hard work and dance their booties off!