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How Dancing Can Change Your Relationship

Our lives are really busy; we don’t really have time to spend with each other as a couple or as friends or anyone that’s special to us, as much as we may want to. Dancing puts you in a perfect position to make time with someone that is meaningful, that is deep, that is built on a real connection — a dance connection.

Whether it be kids, school, or work, dancing gives you that date-night that provides an escape from the day-to-day. It can be a relaxing hobby, an excuse to get out of the house, or a path to a new community and new friends.

Dancing, especially with a partner, gives people the opportunity to physically and mentally re-connect with others. Learning to dance together requires both people to be engaged, active, and listen to one-another’s body language to establish a connection that moves them easily across the floor. This connection can change relationships outside the ballroom as well.

Invest time in yourselves — being replenished and refreshed gives one the ability to be there for others. We have busy lives, and we don’t always give the people we care about as much time as we’d like. Strengthen the moments you do have together — try dance.

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey