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Put yourself out there — be more social — stay till the end of the party. Sound like familiar New Year’s resolutions? Do something to help yourself achieve those goals this year…learn to dance. Give yourself permission to do something fun (and something that will earn you style points at any party)!

You may be wondering — how exactly will learning to ballroom dance help me go to more parties?

1. Parties are built into learning. Any good dance studio will have socials or places to meet people and practice your dancing. It’s important to practice what you’ve learned before trying it out in the “real” world.

2. Building confidence. We’ve all had that feeling, where we want to get up and dance but that voice inside our head stops us, or we don’t go to the party at all. With knowledge and repetition we learn to trust our bodies, relax, and just have fun at the next party we’re invited to.

3. Dance comes with a community. You can’t help but meet people if you decide to take dance lessons. You’ll find people with similar interests. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself with a whole new circle of friends, ones you can go out for a night of dancing with!

Dance isn’t just about the moves. Learning to dance is a mood booster and highly social. When you know how to lead or follow anyone who may ask you to dance, you can walk into any room without fear, ready to have a good time.

Netflix is really good idea for a Friday night. But partying and dancing the whole evening is even better.

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey