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Dance is a great avenue to learn how to be more confident. Learning to dance requires you to put yourself in a situation where you may feel silly, have to introduce yourself to a new person, or learn to do something you and your body are wholly unfamiliar with. Through dance you have the opportunity to overcome these challenges everyday and grow from the experience. Here are four ways that dance can help you become the confident person you’ve always wanted to be:

1. Improved communication skills:
Not only does partner dancing gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know many different dance partners at parties and group classes, but dance also gives you an entirely different language to communicate with; body language. The ability to have a meaningful connection with anyone without even saying a word (excepting “may I have this dance” perhaps) helps you become more confident in your own skin. Confident body language will have you feeling free to meet new people wherever you go.

2. Fake it till you make it:
Many people think that you already have to have confidence to get up and dance in front of others. In reality, dance is about performing or expressing confidence that you may not actually feel (at first). By practicing exuding confidence when you dance, not only will your dancing improve, but so will your mood and confidence in yourself in any situation.

3. Better self-image:
Dancing is, of course, a great form of exercise and can help you feel and look healthier. But dance can also change how you think of yourself and what you think you’re capable of. Never thought of yourself as graceful or powerful? After a few months of practice creating strong and beautiful lines or learning how to be light on your feet, you’ll be able to trust your body more. Moving gracefully and powerfully will become second nature, and eventually you will start to own it.

4. Expressing Yourself:
If you feel you struggle with expressing yourself through drawing, writing, or speaking, dance may be a good outlet for you. Dance is an empathetic activity–meaning we, as humans, express and understand emotion through movement. Dance lets you move to music you connect with, lets you forget your responsibilities and stresses, and allows you to discover new things about yourself. Learning to dance can set you free to be the person you’ve dreamed of becoming by developing your own style of movement. By focusing on dancing in a way that’s true to you, you will start to be confident as the person you are.

Dance to let the best version of you shine!

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey