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How Arthur Murray Does It

At Arthur Murray, we teach dance based on a curriculum that must be thoughtfully planned and artfully executed by teachers that work closely with their students to achieve individual goals. Now, what does that mean exactly?

What Does Dancing With Arthur Murray Really Mean?

When students walk into Arthur Murray for the first time, each comes with a specific goal in mind for themselves. Maybe it’s to learn a couple steps to prepare for an upcoming wedding. Maybe it’s finding a hobby to do together that is more than watching a movie or eating out. Maybe it’s to unleash that fierce inner confidence that has been hiding inside for a lifetime.

Teamwork Makes Dance Dreams Work

Whatever the goal is, instructors at Arthur Murray are on a mission to help students dream big and lay the path to get them there. When a student takes dance lessons, they’re not just learning to dance. They’re building a relationship with their dance instructor, with the other students, with the school itself. They find community, patience, better health, and teamwork. They learn to work hard but have fun with it. And that is what dancing is all about.

Now, what do we do with all these great things? We celebrate, of course!

Why Graduation Ceremonies Are Important:

The end of the year is always a time for reflection and the opportunity to start afresh. That’s why Arthur Murray Central New Jersey celebrates all the hard work both students and teachers put into their dance journey.

Graduation this Sunday

This Sunday, Arthur Murray’s all over the region will gather to eat, drink, be merry, and dance! For many students of dance who have been working on their respective levels of dancing, this night will be their chance to kick back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. From those just starting their dance journey to dancers who have dedicated years to studying the art, this night is a celebration for everyone in the dance community. More than getting a piece of paper that recognizes these achievements, they will spend the evening among friends and dance family, eat a beautiful three course meal, and dance the night away.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful and talented students! We’re proud of you!